Michigan Lottery Online Startup Guide

Michigan Lottery Quick Start Guide

Signup is quick and easy.

All you need is an email address and a deposit source (credit card, debit card, …) and you’ll be up and playing in minutes.

And right now the Michigan Lottery is offering a big 50% deposit match on your first deposit (up to $100 in free credit) + 10 Free Online Games!

The sign up link below will walk you through signup on the Michigan Lottery’s website

Michigan Lottery Signup Bonus Link









Online Game Access

Loyalty Bonuses

  • Additional Startup Incentives (including free games and promotions)
  • Ongoing Loyalty and Engagement Bonuses (here’s a recent list)
  • A daily shot at the Spin to Win game for a chance to win free play coupons, online bonus credit, and entries into large cash giveaways!

All the Signup Details

Email Address

Enter an email address that will receive future special promotions and deal announcements.

You can always modify your communication settings (within the My Account – Preferences Window)

Basic Personal Information

You will need the following basic personal information: name, address, birth date (must be 18+ to play), and phone number.

And the last four numbers of your SSN.  The social security number is used for identity verification (and account safety) purposes and no credit check is run (I can verify this).

Deposit Source

The Michigan Lottery offers a number of convenient ways to make a deposit:

Credit Card

You can deposit using a Visa, MasterCard, or Discover Credit Card.

I generally like to deposit with a credit card because then I can earn miles and points with each deposit.

Michigan Lottery Players website readers report the following:

The credit card must be in your name (authorized user OK) or you will be asked to verify that you can use this payment source.

All credit card issuers (Bank of America, Capital One, Chase, Citi, …) have coded as purchases except for some US Bank issued credit cards (Altitude Reserve, Cash+, …) , so probably best to avoid this issuer.

Debit Card

If you would prefer to use a debit card, the Michigan Lottery supports this great deposit method too.

Sometimes I’ll use a debit card if I want to deposit and then withdrawal winnings back into the same account.

The Michigan Lottery requests that a trusted payment source be used to make your first deposit.  But if you do not have a bank issued debit card, Michigan Lottery Players readers report:

Being able to use a prepaid debit card on future purchases (especially after setting their permanent address for the card).

ACH Bank Transfer

Skipping your checking account debit card, it is possible to directly transfer funds from your bank account using this option.


PayPal is a nice option if you prefer to not provide your payment method directly (though the Michigan Lottery website has top notch security).

Michigan Lottery Players website readers report:

Only being able to use bank account funding when using PayPal (no credit or debit card options).  [So this probably won’t work if you wanted to use an American Express credit card]

Online Game Card

The Online Game Card is a nice option if your prefer to make your purchases at Michigan Lottery retail locations (in store).  With this method you purchase an online game card in store and then load the code received online to complete the deposit.

I generally don’t purchase online game cards, because I like the convenience of depositing and playing from home.


I wasn’t familiar with Neteller before joining the Lottery, but it sounds like a nice option if you have an account, or would like to create a new account to keep your playing deposits separate from your daily expenses.

More Setup Details


Just choose where you would like your winnings to go.  I setup my personal checking account – just by adding my banking routing and account number (the numbers at the bottom of your checks).

On your first withdrawal, Michigan Lottery Players readers report that you will generally be asked to upload a picture of your driver’s license (just take a quick photo with your phone) and a picture of a check [standard security stuff to keep your account safe].  With that complete you should be all set up!

You can also choose to make withdrawals using PayPal and Neteller.


To play on the Michigan Lottery’s online website you must be a Michigan resident, located within Michigan, age 18 years or older.

Signup Link

Michigan Lottery Signup Bonus Link

If images are disabled, here’s a direct link to the big signup bonus.

Best of Luck!