Michigan Lottery Online Instant Prizes Won

Michigan Lottery Online Instant Prizes Awarded

Update May 10, 2018 The Michigan Lottery released the Big Winners Tool which may be of greater use to you than the tables of research below.

Top Prize Winners of Current Online Instant Games

This is a table of all reported big prizes won from Michigan Lottery Online Instant Games

25 Card Cash$100,0002018-01-26PostTop $10 Prize
Blackjack Doubler$12,5002018-04-04PostTop $0.50 Prize of 3
Blackjack Doubler$50,0002017-10-11PostTop $2 Prize of 3
Cash Buster Extreme$20,0002018-03-01PostTop $2 Prize
Cash Buster Extreme$100,0002018-04-30PostTop $10 Prize
Cash Buster Towers$75,0002018-06-14PostTop $5 Prize
Cash Roll$10,0002018-03-18PostTop $1 Prize
Cashword$75,0002015-01-29PostTop $5 Prize of 5
Diamond Payout$100,0002015-04-24PostTop $2 Prize of 3
Egyptian Deluxe$10,0002018-04-01Post2nd $1 Prize of 5
HIT$60,0002016-04-01PostTop $2 Prize of 2
Instant Football Payout$100,0002015-10-02PostTop $10 Prize of 2
Instant Football Payout$100,0002018-07-11PostTop $10 Prize of 2
King of Clubs$7,5002018-03-01PostTop $0.25 Prize of 3
Multiplier Max Out$100,0002018-01-11PostTop $2 Prize
Queen of Diamonds$60,0002016-11-30PostTop $2 Prize of 3
Roaring 20s$24,0002018-01-31Post3rd $1 Prize
Super Cash Buster$100,0002017-09-21PostTop $5 Prize
Tax Free$100,0002018-02-08PostTop $5 Prize of 2
Tax Free$100,0002016-05-13PostTop $5 Prize of 2
Treasure Bay$75,0002018-02-15PostTop $5 Prize of 2
VIP Black$60,0002017-03-22PostTop $2 Prize of 3
VIP Black$5,0002018-04-01Post2nd $0.50 Prize of 5
Volcano$100,0002018-09-10PostTop $10 Prize
Wizard of All$75,0002016-11-28PostTop $5 Prize of 2
Wizard of All$75,0002017-08-22PostTop $5 Prize of 2


Congratulations to those Big Winners!

A Few Words

For in-store instant games, the Michigan Lottery displays a Prizes Remaining Table when you visit the game’s page.  For Online Instant Games we are not aware of a similar table.

We built the above table by going through years worth of Michigan Lottery Connect Blog posts.  We do not know all big prizes rewarded, only those that have been reported by Michigan Lottery Connect.

Top Prize Winners of Past Online Instant Games

This is a table of all reported big prizes for no longer active (or reset) Michigan Lottery Online Games

Diamond Payout$1,000,0002015-02-24Post
Pure Gold$200,0002015-12-08Post