Michigan Lottery Game Tables

Michigan Lottery Online Game Tables

The Basics

This is a table of all current Michigan Lottery Online Instant Games:

Game NameTop PrizeMin Rd $Max Rd $Game ReviewRelease Date
8-Bit Bucks$50,000$0.10$5Review2017-08-29
10X the Cash$50,000$0.10$5Review2014-08-11
25 Card Cash$100,000$0.20$10Review2017-10-17
Amazon Adventures$30,000$0.25$2Review2015-11-24
Blackjack Doubler$50,000$0.10$24Review2017-09-19
Blazing Red 7s$30,000$0.10$2Review2014-08-11
Bubble Bingo$50,000$0.25$5Review2016-11-01
Bullseye Keno$500,000$0.10$40Review2017-12-04
Cash Buster$75,000$0.50$5Review2017-07-05
Cash Buster Bonus$100,000$1.00$10Review2018-06-12
Cash Buster Extreme$100,000$0.10$10Review2018-03-13
Cash Buster Towers$150,000$1.00$10Review2017-10-31
Cash Roll$50,000$0.25$5Review2017-01-24
Cats vs Dogs$50,000$0.25$5Review2016-12-06
Cosmic Expander$20,000$0.25$2Review2016-01-12
Cowboy Cash Roundup$100,000$0.10$24Review2016-10-13
Diamond Payout$250,000$0.50$5Review2014-08-11
Double Your Money$100,000$0.50$10Review2018-02-13
Egyptian Deluxe$60,000$0.50$40Review2018-03-06
Egyptian Oasis$60,000$0.50$40Review2017-02-14
Fast Buck Bastketball$100,000$0.20$10Review2018-10-23
Fruity 7x7$100,000$0.50$10Review2018-04-10
Fruity Cashword$150,000$0.25$5Review2016-02-23
Fruity Cubes$20,000$0.50$40Review2018-07-31
Fuzzball Keno$200,000$0.10$20Review2015-12-22
Gem Blaster$150,000$1.00$10Review2017-04-18
Golden Harvest$75,000$0.25$5Review2017-05-09
Golden Island$20,000$0.10$2Review2015-09-29
Halloween Legends$50,000$0.25$5Review2018-09-25
Home Run Riches$60,000$0.50$60Review2018-03-27
Instant Football Payout$100,000$0.10$10Review2017-12-06
Instant Keno$200,000$0.10$20Review2014-08-11
Instant Keno Multiplier$500,000$0.25$20Review2015-06-23
King of Clubs$60,000$0.30$36Review2018-01-30
Mayan Legends$100,000$0.50$10Review2017-03-07
Mega Bucks$125,000$0.05$35Review2015-05-12
Moji Money$50,000$0.50$10Review2018-01-10
Multiplier Max Out$100,000$0.25$30Review2016-08-23
Pot O' Gold$50,000$0.10$16Review2015-01-20
Pure Gold$40,000$0.10$6Review2014-12-09
Queen of Diamonds$60,000$0.15$36Review2016-07-12
Quick 6$250,000$0.05$50Review2016-11-22
Rainbow Fortunes$100,000$0.20$10Review2018-06-26
Road Trip USA$125,000$0.10$35Review2018-05-22
Roaring 20s$240,000$1.00$5Review2016-12-28
Roll the Dice$50,000$0.10$25Review2017-07-17
Shocking 7s$60,000$1.75$70Review2018-05-01
Silver Winnings$50,000$0.10$5Review2018-09-12
Spooky 7x7$100,000$0.10$10Review2018-10-09
Stars & Stripes$50,000$0.10$5Review2016-06-21
Super Cash Buster$200,000$1.00$10Review2017-07-11
Sweet Winnings$20,000$0.10$12Review2016-05-31
Tax Free$141,340$0.50$5Review2016-02-02
Treasure Bay$75,000$0.10$5Review2015-03-18
Treetop Treasures$60,000$0.50$40Review2018-08-28
Triple 7s$50,000$0.05$14Review2015-09-02
Triple Gems$160,000$0.10$10Review2017-07-17
Triple Your Money$150,000$0.50$10Review2018-07-10
VIP Black$60,000$0.50$40Review2015-07-21
VIP Gold$60,000$0.50$60Review2017-08-01
Wild Time Doubler$75,000$0.10$5Review2014-08-11
Winter Keno$200,000$0.10$20Review2018-11-07
Wizard of All$75,000$0.10$5Review2015-03-18
  • Top Prize (at Max Ticket Price)
  • Min Rd$ is Minimum Round Price = Minimum Ticket Price x Minimum Ticket Purchase Amount Per Play
  • Max Rd$ is Maximum Round Price = Maximum Ticket Price x Maximum Ticket Purchase Amount Per Play


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The Numbers

For all current Michigan Lottery Online Instant Games this table contains some calculations that you might find useful:


Game NamePaybackWin RateWin Rate MaxStd Dev
8-Bit Bucks87%32%32%10.945
10X the Cash83%31%31%7.567
25 Card Cash87%26%26%10.511
Amazon Adventures83%35%35%15.816
Blackjack Doubler89%5%58%20.758
Blazing Red 7s84%32%32%10.818
Bubble Bingo85%31%31%10.564
Bullseye Keno87%5%25%
Cash Buster84%33%33%15.282
Cash Buster Bonus88%32%32%10.692
Cash Buster Extreme89%26%26%11.077
Cash Buster Towers85%31%31%15.317
Cash Roll85%28%28%10.480
Cats vs Dogs87%31%31%10.598
Cosmic Expander87%31%31%10.733
Cowboy Cash Roundup87%4%46%28.277
Diamond Payout87%36%36%27.486
Double Your Money88%31%31%11.492
Egyptian Deluxe89%29%58%24.157
Egyptian Oasis85%17%31%24.571
Fast Buck Basketball88%30%30%10.939
Fruity 7x785%30%30%10.623
Fruity Cashword84%31%31%17.633
Fruity Cubes89%26%53%16.335
Fuzzball Keno87%44%100%4.036
Gem Blaster79%34%34%15.342
Golden Harvest87%26%26%9.653
Golden Island87%33%33%14.537
Halloween Legends87%31%31%10.332
Home Run Riches86%17%52%28.788
Instant Football Payout93%30%30%15.048
Instant Keno87%24%58%5.182
Instant Keno Multiplier85%6%40%
King of Clubs89%19%56%26.798
Mayan Legends83%30%30%10.537
Mega Bucks87%26%183%14.564
Moji Money87%30%30%5.157
Multiplier Max Out87%14%36%28.372
Pot O' Gold92%23%187%13.825
Pure Gold87%34%103%11.244
Queen of Diamonds87%9%44%27.048
Quick 687%7%68%13.769
Rainbow Fortunes87%26%26%10.511
Road Trip USA90%8%55%15.036
Roaring 20s78%30%30%27.623
Roll the Dice87%8%33%12.729
Shocking 7s89%17%59%27.822
Silver Winnings87%31%31%10.580
Spooky 7x785%30%30%10.623
Stars & Stripes87%31%31%10.858
Super Cash Buster85%31%31%20.295
Sweet Winnings87%11%66%9.009
Tax Free87%30%30%23.433
Treasure Bay81%31%31%13.023
Treetop Treasures89%26%51%24.611
Triple 7s88%20%141%19.960
Triple Gems87%29%29%13.820
Triple Your Money90%30%30%15.664
VIP Black87%27%47%23.446
VIP Gold89%17%43%31.545
Wild Time Doubler85%32%32%10.865
Winter Keno87%24%58%5.182
Wizard of All87%31%31%12.872
  • Payback as calculated from the game’s published prize table
  • Win Rate as calculated from the game’s published odds for a minimum ticket purchase game
  • Win Rate Max as calculated from the game’s published odds for a maximum ticket purchase game
  • For Keno Games Win Rate and Win Rate Max are Min and Max Win % by number of picks
  • Standard Deviation calculated at the $1 ticket level

The Exotics

The following are more fanciful metrics:

Game NameMFxWays to WinBonus GamesComplexFunMax Tkts
8-Bit Bucks10,00030221
10X the Cash10,00010121
25 Card Cash10,00032431
Amazon Adventures15,00030221
Blackjack Doubler25,000313312
Blazing Red 7s15,00020211
Bubble Bingo10,00010221
Bullseye Keno125,000102310
Cash Buster15,00020331
Cash Buster Bonus10,00032431
Cash Buster Extreme10,00033431
Cash Buster Towers15,00042431
Cash Roll10,00040231
Cats vs Dogs10,00010131
Cosmic Expander10,00030221
Cowboy Cash Roundup50,000202212
Diamond Payout50,00030211
Double Your Money10,00010111
Egyptian Deluxe3,000223320
Egyptian Oasis3,000223320
Fast Buck Basketball10,00030221
Fruity 7x710,00010221
Fruity Cashword30,00021331
Fruity Cubes1,000413420
Fuzzball Keno10,00010221
Gem Blaster15,00020331
Golden Harvest15,00030221
Golden Island10,00010121
Halloween Legends10,00031331
Home Run Riches3,000313330
Instant Football Payout10,00010121
Instant Keno10,00010221
Instant Keno Multiplier25,00010221
King of Clubs5,000223318
Mayan Legends10,00030321
Mega Bucks25,00010117
Moji Money5,00010221
Multiplier Max Out10,000212315
Pot O' Gold25,00020218
Pure Gold20,00031223
Queen of Diamonds10,000223318
Quick 650,000103210
Rainbow Fortune10,00022331
Road Trip USA25,00010127
Roaring 20s48,00030221
Roll the Dice10,00021225
Shocking 7s3,000233335
Silver Winnings10,00050221
Spooky 7x710,00010221
Stars & Stripes10,00010121
Super Cash Buster20,00032231
Sweet Winnings10,00020216
Tax Free28,26820221
Treasure Bay15,00030221
Treetop Treasures3,000313420
Triple 7s25,00020227
Triple Gems16,00010321
Triple Your Money15,00010111
VIP Black3,000222220
VIP Gold3,000222230
Wild Time Doubler15,00030221
Winter Keno10,00010221
Wizard of All15,00030231
  • MFx – Multiplier Factor – The multiple of the top prize divided by the price to play
  • Ways to Win – A count of the winning forms in a game
  • Bonus Games – A count of the bonus games unlockable during main game play
  • Complex – Smaller numbers for easier games to pickup, Larger numbers for more complex games
  • Fun – A scoring system that might help you find games with elements that you enjoy

The Archive

Games that have been discontinued:

Game NameTop PrizeMin Rd $Max Rd $ReviewReleaseEnd
Lucky 7x7$100,000$0.50$10Review2018-01-032018-04-15
  • End dates are approximate


Best of Luck!