How Do You Play the Michigan Lottery Online?

Play Styles

In Max Rubin’s classic Comp City he describes a few different slot play methods:

Hit and Run

Play all your coins through one machine one time only and then move on.

Shoot For the Moon

Take a small portion of your bankroll (5-10%) and go for the big jackpot.

Double or Nothing

Put in 5-10% of your bankroll and gamble until it is gone or until you’ve doubled up your initial stake.

The Marathon Run

Essentially, walking through the casino and trying to play every machine one time only.

Play Styles for the Michigan Lottery Online

Do you do something similar when playing the Michigan Lottery Online?

Are you loyal to one online instant game or do you like to work your way through the whole collection?

Do you play the high variance or big top prize games looking for a big jackpot?  Set a win goal?  We would love to know.

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