Game Review – Michigan Lottery’s Queen of Diamonds

Quick Review

The Michigan Lottery’s Queen of Diamonds game is very popular among readers of this site and for good reason.  The beautiful graphics, pleasant classical music, and well tailored game play (including two bonus rounds) combine to make this one of the most enjoyable Michigan Lottery online instant games offered.

Michigan Lottery’s Queen of Diamonds Start Screen

Full Review

Queen of Diamonds has been part of the collection of online games since July 12, 2016 and has been one of my go to games for just about as long.  Let’s take a look at the details:

How to Play

Main Game Play

(1) Click/Touch the PLAY Button or the Space Bar to begin a round

(2) Click/Touch the Cards or the REVEAL ALL Button to reveal prizes for that round

Winning Tickets are Queens of Diamonds, and you win the prize shown on the ticket.

Win Prize Shown on Queens

Joker Bonus Game

Turning over a Joker playing card will port you into the Joker Bonus Game.

Queen of Diamonds – Joker Bonus Game

You win every prize that you turn over, the bonus game ends when you turn over three strike cards.

War Bonus Game

Turning over 3 Golden Cards (gold diamonds visible on the upper right of the playing card) will port you into the War Bonus Game.

Queen of Diamonds – War Bonus Game

Similar to the classic War Card Game, you win every round where you outdraw the Queen [turn over the higher ranked card].

Game Details

Game Type

Online – Instant Game

Top Prize

Top Prize: $60,000

Ticket Price

Tickets Per Hand

6 Options: 3, 6, 9, 12, 15, 18 (Multiples of Lucky Number 3)

Ticket Price

6 Options: $0.05, $0.10, $0.25, $0.50, $1, $2


The table below lists all the possible combined ticket prices (from $0.15 to $36.00) that you could choose per round:


Per Ticket Odds

Per the rules documentation, looks like you have about a 1 in 10.96 chance of winning when you play 3 tickets or around 3% chance of winning at least 3x the ticket price per ticket.

Odds Per Round

So, if you play 18 tickets per round, you should have at least one winner more than 43% of the time.

Queen of Diamonds Win % based on Stated Odds by Tickets Purchased

Calculated Payback: 87%

Release Date

July 12, 2016

Game Styles

Bonus Round, Symbol Match

Game Themes


Game Page

Michigan Lottery’s Queen of Diamonds Game Page

Full Rules

Michigan Lottery’s Queen of Diamonds Rules Page

Player Strategy

I don’t know of a play strategy to increase your winning percentage.  I think it’s mostly a function of your luck on any given day.

But you do have control over the number of tickets played per hand and the per ticket cost.  So to go bigger simply increase your ticket count and price per ticket.  To slow things down just lower your ticket count and/or price per ticket.

Final Words

Enjoy and Good Luck!