Game Review – Michigan Lottery’s HIT

Quick Review

What is HIT?

It’s something of a mystery … my best guess is that it’s part of a longer phrase similar to Michigan Lottery’s Hit It Big Game, and on that point HIT definitely delivers.

The game features a top prize of $60,000 with multiple ways to win: match a winning number, collect three coin tokens for the HIT prize, or collect three bank tokens to enter the bonus game.

Michigan Lottery’s HIT Game

Overall HIT provides a real nice assortment of play options and prizes.

Full Review

Let’s take a look at the details (full rules and game page are available on the Michigan Lottery’s website).:

How to Play

Main Game

Simply select the number of tickets and the cost per ticket you would like to play using the (+) and (-) buttons.

(1) Select PLAY or the space bar to start a new round (make a ticket purchase)

(2) Select each prize location individually, or select REVEAL ALL to reveal all the prizes.

Match a winning number and you win the prize shown!

Bank Race Bonus Game

Not a Bank Run, a Bank Race – much more fun!

Find 3 Bank Symbols to unlock the Bank Race Bonus Game.

The Bonus Game might look a little complicated at first, but it’s quite fun with some big prizes!

Michigan Lottery’s HIT Bank Race Bonus Game

The race is between the four columns:  Coin, Bill, Money Bag, and Briefcase where each of the prizes is a multiplier of your ticket prize.  In the picture shown, the Money Bag would provide a 400x multiplier (a prize of 400 x $2 = $800) while the Briefcase would provide a 800x multiplier (a prize of 800 x $2 = $1,600).

Turning over a Coin, Bill, Money Bag, or Briefcase tile moves you one level up the column (1 of 4).  An up arrow symbol moves all the columns up one level.

Turning over a 2x Multiplier Symbol doubles the multiplier values.

The HIT Prize

Find 3 coin symbols to unlock the HIT Prize.

The HIT Prize is 500x your ticket cost:

Game Details

Game Type

Online – Instant Game

Top Prize

Top Prize: $60,000

Ticket Price


4 Options: 5, 10, 15, or 20


6 Options: $0.05, $0.10, $0.25, $0.50, $1, $2


A large number of options, from $0.25 to $40 per round:


Stated Odds are the following:

Looks like odds of winning per ticket go down with more tickets purchased, but my guess is that this is compensated with bigger prizes (more Bonus Games and HIT Prizes).

Calculated Payback: 87%

Release Date

March 30, 2016

Game Styles

Bonus Round, Number Match

Game Themes


Player Strategy

Difficult to formulate a strategy given the declining odds we see above.  I think we really need more information to know if there is an advantage to playing more or fewer tickets per round.

As a luck based game, it’s generally tough to increase your winning percentage.  But if you find a strategy that works for you, we would love to know!


High Intensity Training (HIT)- CrossFit anyone?  Michigan Lottery’s HIT Game will get the adrenaline going without all that work!

HIT may always be something of a mystery, but it definitely doesn’t disappoint.

Best of Luck!