Game Review – Michigan Lottery’s Halloween Legends

Quick Review

Summer’s gone, can’t deny it.  Time to get ready for Halloween.

And the Michigan Lottery is on point with the release of its Halloween inspired online instant game Halloween Legends.

The Michigan Lottery’s Halloween Legends Game

Halloween Legends is similar to the long popular Mayan Legends game.  There are multiple ways to win (see below), but the core of the game involves rolling dice to remove masks from the board, over five rolls your goal is to remove enough masks to collect a metered prize.

Halloween Legends sports some nice upgrades over Mayan Legends: new graphics, a bonus game, and an improved payback – Nice!

Full Review

How to Play

  • Select a Ticket Price

Michigan Lottery Halloween Legends Ticket Price

  • Click the Play Button to make a purchase and launch the game

Michigan Lottery Halloween Legends Play Button

  • (For 5 Turns you’ll) Roll the Dice

Michigan Lottery Halloween Legends Dice

The White Dice corresponds to the vertical axis, and the Black Dice to the horizontal axis.  The game piece where those two number cross (that grid location) gets collected and removed.

For the roll above (white 5, black 4) the arrows indicate the piece that will be removed.

Michigan Lottery Halloween Legends Removed Coordinate

When a colored mask position is rolled, all the adjacent masks (those that share a vertical or horizontal side) of the same color are also removed.

Michigan Lottery Halloween Legends Adjacents

How to Win

There are three ways to win:

Roll an Instant Win Location

Michigan Lottery Halloween Legends Instant Win

and win the prize instantly.

Collect 3 or More Glowing Masks

Michigan Lottery Halloween Legends Glowing Masks

to launch the Pumpkin Smash Bonus Game

Pumpkin Smash Bonus Game

Michigan Lottery Halloween Legends Pumpkin Smash Bonus Game
Michigan Lottery’s Halloween Legends Pumpkin Smash Bonus Game

In the guaranteed win Pumpkin Smash Bonus Game, you pick pumpkins to smash and gather prizes until you reveal a Collect symbol.

Fill a Colored Prize Meter

Each colored mask that you collect

Michigan Lottery Halloween Legends Colored Mask

Adds to that color’s prize bar

Michigan Lottery Halloween Legends Prize Meter

Fill the color bar and win the corresponding prize

Michigan Lottery Halloween Legends Prize Meters

ColorCellsPrize (Max Tkt)Multiplier
Green Monster7$2,500500

Game Details

Game Type

Online – Instant Game

Top Prize

Top Prize: $50,000

Ticket Price

5 Options: $0.25, $0.50, $1, $2, $5


Stated Odds: 1 in 3.28 (Win Rate: 30.50%) [per rules documentation]

Calculated Payback: 87%

Release Date

September 25, 2018

Game Styles

Collector, Extended Play

Game Themes


Game Page

Michigan Lottery’s Halloween Legends Game Page

Full Rules

Michigan Lottery’s Halloween Legends Rules Page

Player Strategy

As a game of luck, I don’t know of a system to increase your winning percentage.

But you do have control over the ticket price, so you can increase your ticket price to go bigger or decrease your ticket price to slow things down.

Michigan Lottery Halloween Legends Win

Final Words

Hopefully Halloween Legends brings you more treat than trick this October.

Good Luck!

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