Game Review – Michigan Lottery’s Blackjack Doubler

Quick Review

Blackjack Doubler is an online instant game offered by the Michigan Lottery.  Similar to the classic blackjack casino game where you compete with the dealer for the closest hand to 21.

Michigan Lottery’s Blackjack Doubler Game

Blackjack Doubler offers a nice top prize as high as $50,000 with a ton of play options [1-12] hands (tickets) per round and ticket prices that range from ($0.10 – $2).  The action feels well timed and the chance for a Blackjack to double your prize, or a pair of golden cards to unlock the bonus game adds a fun level of suspense.

Full Review

Let’s take a look at the details (full rules and game page are available on the Michigan Lottery’s website).

How to Play

Main Game

Simply select the number of tickets (hands) and the cost per ticket you would like to play using the (+) and (-) buttons.

(1) Select PLAY or the space bar to start a new round (make a ticket purchase)

(2) Select each set of cards (prize location) individually, or select REVEAL ALL to reveal all the prizes.

If your hand is larger than the dealer’s hand you win the prize shown.  A Blackjack will double the prize shown, and a pair of golden cards will activate the Golden Cards Bonus Game.

The cards are totaled for you in an upper right box Face Cards (King, Queen, and Jacks) count as 10, a single Ace as 11, and two Aces as 12.

A Blackjack is an Ace and a Face Card (King, Queen, or Jack)

Blackjack Doubler (Golden Cards) Bonus Game

The Bonus Game is really impressive.

In the first round you turn over 10 hands and win the prizes shown when you outdraw the dealer.

The hands you lose are eliminated in the next round but each winning hand is multiplied by the round bonus.

So Hand 3 is gone in Round 2 because I lost in Round 1, but in round 2 every prize is doubled – so the $30 win becomes $60 – nice!

The game goes on until you run out of playable hands.

Game Details

Game Type

Online – Instant Game

Top Prize

Top Prize: $50,000

Ticket Price


12 Options: [1-12] Tickets per Round

Tickets [1-6] play against Dealer A and Tickets [7-12] play against Dealer B


5 Options: $0.10, $0.25, $0.50, $1, $2

Round Price

Huge number of options from $0.10 to $24 per round:


Stated odds for the game are 1 in 20.61 (a hand should win 4.85% of the time)

If you play all 12 hands per round you should win at least one hand in the round around 58% of the time.

I calculate a very nice 89% payback when summing up the odds table (not sure if that includes all bonus games).

Release Date

September 19, 2017

Game Styles

Bonus Round, Multiplier

Game Themes


Player Strategy

As a luck based game, I don’t know of a play strategy to increase your winning percentage.  But if you find something that works for you we would love to know!

You do have control over the number of tickets played per hand and the per ticket cost.  So to go bigger simply increase your ticket count and price per ticket.  To slow things down just lower your ticket count and/or price per ticket.


Blackjack Doubler is definitely one of my favorites.  The classic style and overall smooth play just make it feel right.  And of course fun play and big prizes!

While the game has no soundtrack (just sound effects) sometimes I swear that I hear Black Jack Davey playing in the background …

Take you where the grass grows green, You never will want for money


Good Luck!