Game Review – Michigan Lottery’s 10x The Cash

Quick Review

The Michigan Lottery’s 10x The Cash game is a classic scratch off style game.  It sets itself apart from other scratch off style games by delivering a lot of 10x Multipliers (as the name suggests and the tag line “Packed with 10x Winners!” promises).

Michigan Lottery’s 10x The Cash Game

The goal of the game is to reveal three like amounts which wins you the prize amount times the multiplier.

Full Review

Let’s take a look at the details (full rules and game page are available on the Michigan Lottery’s website).

How to Play

Simply select the ticket price using the (+) and (-) buttons.

(1) Select PLAY or the space bar to start a new round (make a ticket purchase)

(2) Select each prize location individually, or select SCRATCH ALL to reveal all the prizes.

Match three like amounts and you win that prize multiplied by the Multiplier!

Game Details

Game Type

Online – Instant Game

Top Prize

Top Prize: $50,000

Ticket Price

6 Options: $0.10, $0.25, $0.50, $1, $2, $5


Stated Overall Odds are 1 in 3.27 (Win Rate 30.58%)

Calculated Payback: 83.16% (based on Prize Table $1 wager)

Release Date

August 11, 2014

Game Styles

Multiplier, Number Match

Game Themes


Player Strategy

As a luck based game, it’s generally tough to increase your winning percentage.

10x The Cash – 5x Multiplier Win

I think the only lever in your control is ticket price.  So to go bigger (if you feel the time is right) simply increase your ticket price, and to slow things down (to wait for the right moment) just lower your ticket price.


I like games with multipliers.   It’s fun to see a win get multiplied, really sort of a double win, multiple levels of fun.

The Michigan Lottery’s 10x the Cash might not have the production of Queen of Diamonds or Multiplier Max Out, but it does fill its role well as a classic scratch off style game.  It’s a game you can count on.

Best of Luck!

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