The Michigan Lottery’s Sweet Surprises Giveaway

Quick Summary

The Michigan Lottery has launched the Sweet Surprises Giveaway Promotion.

Direct Link to the Promotion Page

Each day by logging into the promotion page you earn an entry* in the grand prize drawing (the Hot Chocolate Mug), a shot at an instant prize (the Gingerbread Cookie), and if you complete the day’s challenge more entries into the grand prize drawing.

2018-12-04Unwrap the Cash10
2018-12-05Quick 610
2018-12-06VIP Platinum10
2018-12-07Queen of Diamonds10
2018-12-08Blackjack Doubler10
2018-12-09Instant Keno Multiplier10
2018-12-10King of Clubs10
2018-12-11Instant Keno10
2018-12-12Fruity Cubes10
2018-12-13Winter Keno10
2018-12-14VIP Black10
2018-12-15Merry Multiplier10
2018-12-16Treetop Treasures10

*You actually earn the count of the number of days that you have logged in as new entries.  So if this is the 4th day you have logged in, the base entries added will be 4.

Promotional Rules

  • Grand Prize: $10,000
  • Entry Period: December 4-17, 2018
  • Grand Prize Drawing: December 19, 2018

Full Rules found here

Good Luck!

Michigan Lottery’s Black Friday Bonus Offers Promotion

Quick Summary

The Michigan Lottery will be launching daily Black Friday bonus offers that will run from Friday (11/23) through Monday (11/26).

We’ll update this page as we learn more.

2018-11-22Day #04-5 PM$1 Credit on Login
2018-11-22Day #0N/APlay 5 Games for $5
2018-11-23Day #12-3 PM$1 Credit on Login
2018-11-24Day #210-11 AM$1 Credit on Login
2018-11-25Day #38-9 PM$1 Credit on Login
2018-11-26Day #412-1 PM$1 Credit on Login


Day #0

Day #1

And please let us know in the comments if you see something we’ve missed!

Day #2

Day #3

Day #4

New Games in the Pipeline

In an interview posted on la fleur’s Shannon DeHaven of the Michigan Lottery made a few comments that might be interesting to Michigan Lottery players.

Two new games are in the pipeline: Prince of Hearts (a new entry to the Royal Family of Games [Queen of Diamonds, King of Clubs]) and VIP Platinum (a new entry to the VIP Family of Games [VIP Black, VIP Gold]).

Queen of Diamonds was also named the top performing eInstant game in the world for the 2017 fiscal year.

The Michigan Lottery’s Spooky Play 20K Giveaway

Update 2018-10-29: This promotion has ended, but if you played – we would recommend checking out the giveaway survey by November 9th.

Promotion Details

The Michigan Lottery has announced the Spooky Play 20K Giveaway promotion:

Promotion Runs: (Tuesday) October 16, 2018 – (Sunday) October 28, 2018

Entries:  Earned through daily deposit and play requirements

Prizes: 8 Prizes of $400 in online free play, and one $20,000 grand prize

Michigan Lottery Spooky Play Giveaway

Daily Entries

We’ll update the daily deposit and play requirements in the table below as the promotion runs.

2018-10-16Halloween Legends50
2018-10-17$10 Deposit or Play100
2018-10-18Treetop Treasures50
2018-10-19Queen of Diamonds10
2018-10-20$20 Deposit or Play100
2018-10-21VIP Gold10
2018-10-22Golden Harvest50
2018-10-23Instant Keno Multiplier50
2018-10-24$30 Deposit or Play500
2018-10-25Wizard of All10
2018-10-26Spooky 7x750
2018-10-27$30 Deposit or Play500
2018-10-28Fast Buck Basketball10

Quick Take

Getting something extra is always fun, and we’ve always found these promotions to be fun in the past (like Sizzling 7s Summer Party Promotion, Cash Buster Bonus Bash, Freeway and Freeplay Promotion, …)

Good Luck!

Full Rules

Complete Promotion Rules

Michigan Lottery’s IGT Contract Extension

Quick Summary

As relayed by Michigan Gaming, the Michigan Lottery has signed a 10 year contract extension with IGT.  [press release]

Impact on the Player Community

How will this impact us as players?

Not sure.  A number of the planned upgrades appear to be backend improvements – infrastructure and analytics related.

The new Retailer Pro terminals might provide additional purchase options over the life of the contract.

The GameTouch self-service lottery vending machines look interesting.  I’ve seen current models already at my local grocery store which sell only instant tickets.  If new models could sell online game cards or draw tickets that might be fun.

Michigan Lottery’s Sizzling 7s Summer Party Promotion

Promotion Details

Update 2018-07-30: The Sizzling 7s Summer Party promotion has ended, but the survey is definitely worth checking out.

The Michigan Lottery has announced a new Sizzling 7s Summer Party promotion:

Promotion Runs: (Tuesday) July 17, 2018 – (Sunday) July 29, 2018

Entries:  Earned by playing featured online games

Prizes: 700 Prizes of $70 in online free play (limit of one per player)

Drawing Date: August 1, 2018

Michigan Lottery's Sizzling 7s Summer Promotion

Daily Games

2018-07-17Shocking 7s70
2018-07-18VIP Gold10
2018-07-19Queen of Diamonds10
2018-07-20Fruity 7x770
2018-07-21Instant Keno Multiplier10
2018-07-22Cash Buster Extreme10
2018-07-23Blackjack Doubler10
2018-07-24Home Run Riches Online10
2018-07-25Triple Your Money10
2018-07-26King of Clubs10
2018-07-27Blazing Red 7s70
2018-07-28Instant Keno10
2018-07-29Triple 7s70
  • Playing the daily game will earn 10 entries, but games that have a “7” in their name are multiplier games and earn 70 entries
  • A $20+ Deposit earns 70 entries
  • Maximum of 140 earned entries per day

Quick Take

Tough to make a call on the promotion without more details.  We’ll be sure to update this post each day as more details are released.

Just a guess, but I would bet the promotion will highlight lucky 7 style games like Blazing Red 7s, Shocking 7s, Triple 7s, …

Good Luck!

Full Rules

Complete Rules of the Promotion

The $1 Million Super Bonus Cashword Instant Game Winner

As original released by Michigan Lottery Connect and later reported by ClickOnDetroit, a St. Clair County woman thought she had won $500 in the Super Bonus Cashword Instant game.

But when she went to cash in her ticket, the retailer couldn’t do it because the prize was too big.  She later discover multiple words that she had missed and in the end realized she held a $1 million dollar winning ticket!

One of the benefits to playing online is that you’ll never miss a winner; well you might miss it but the game will automatically report all wins [the thought of throwing away a winning ticket that you missed just sounds awful].  The Michigan Lottery has released two online cashword games Cashword and Fruity Cashword.

Good Luck!

Michigan Lottery Big Online Winners – June 2018

When the Michigan Lottery sent out their monthly winners email, I was surprised to see this entry on the list:

Rainbow Fortunes Big Winner Announcement
Rainbow Fortunes Big Winner Announcement

A lucky player scored the top $2 prize of $20,000 on only the 3rd day after Rainbow Fortunes was released (June 26, 2018).

That’s an exciting win on a fun new game.

Best of Luck!