The Michigan Lottery’s New Cash For A Year Giveaway Promotion

Beginning February 1, 2019 and running through the month of February, the Michigan Lottery is running a Cash for a Year Giveaway.

New Michigan Lottery Account Signups will receive 100 entries into the Grand Prize Drawing of $500 a week for a year on first deposit!  This is in addition to the $100 (50% match) standard signup bonus.

Quick Take

$500/week for a year (52 weeks) works out to a grand prize of $26,000.  That’s a pretty substantial signup bonus.

What’s great about this promotion is that it is an extra bonus for signup.  You don’t lose any of the great signup bonus (the 50% signup bonus, free games, loyalty bonus, the daily spin to win, …).

If you were thinking about signing up, now is a great time.  See our complete Michigan Lottery Online Signup Guide.

Additional Details

More details can be found in this Michigan Lottery Connect blog post.

The Lottery last ran this promotion in July of 2018.

The Michigan Lottery’s New Year, New Giveaway Promotion

The Michigan Lottery announced that for the new year they are launching a new Giveaway Promotion. Sounds Exciting!

The Michigan Lottery's New Year, New Giveaway Promotion

Looks like the Lottery will run a Let’s Play Giveaway each month with a grand prize of $5,000 and 50 runner up prizes of $100 instore free play coupons.

January 2019

For January 2019, a maximum of 1 entry per game can be earned for the following five games:

And here are the full official rules.

The Michigan Lottery’s New Year Bonus Bash Promotion

Quick Summary

To celebrate the end of 2018 and the beginning of 2019 the Michigan Lottery will offer free online instant games during two hours blocks on 12/29, 12/30, and 12/31.

As we learn about the latest deals, we’ll post them in the table below [and if you learn about the daily deal first let us know in the comments section]

12/291-3 PMVIP Black5 Games x 10 Tickets x $0.05 Ticket
12/304-6 PMVIP Gold2 Games x 30 Tickets x $0.05 Ticket
12/317-9 PMVIP Platinum5 Games x 20 Tickets x $0.05/Ticket

[Not Yet] Online Gambling Coming To Michigan

Quick Summary

Update 2018-12-29 Governor Snyder vetoed the online gaming package as one of his final decisions in office.

It looks like online gambling will be coming to Michigan in about 15 months time (Detroit Free Press, Online Poker Report).

Fast Take

What will these mean for us as Michigan Online Lottery Players?

Hopefully all good things!

The Michigan Lottery is a great platform and we do not believe new gaming options will impact its current and growing popularity.

But perhaps with a little more competition for the adult entertainment dollar we might see new and exciting game designs, fresh and larger promotions, improved and enhanced loyalty bonuses, …

Well at least we can hope that’s how it plays out 🙂

Best of Luck!

The Michigan Lottery’s Sweet Surprises Giveaway

Quick Summary

The Michigan Lottery has launched the Sweet Surprises Giveaway Promotion.

Direct Link to the Promotion Page

Each day by logging into the promotion page you earn an entry* in the grand prize drawing (the Hot Chocolate Mug), a shot at an instant prize (the Gingerbread Cookie), and if you complete the day’s challenge more entries into the grand prize drawing.

2018-12-04Unwrap the Cash10
2018-12-05Quick 610
2018-12-06VIP Platinum10
2018-12-07Queen of Diamonds10
2018-12-08Blackjack Doubler10
2018-12-09Instant Keno Multiplier10
2018-12-10King of Clubs10
2018-12-11Instant Keno10
2018-12-12Fruity Cubes10
2018-12-13Winter Keno10
2018-12-14VIP Black10
2018-12-15Merry Multiplier10
2018-12-16Treetop Treasures10
2018-12-17Merry 7x710

*You actually earn the count of the number of days that you have logged in as new entries.  So if this is the 4th day you have logged in, the base entries added will be 4.

Promotional Rules

  • Grand Prize: $10,000
  • Entry Period: December 4-17, 2018
  • Grand Prize Drawing: December 19, 2018

Full Rules found here

Good Luck!

Michigan Lottery’s Black Friday Bonus Offers Promotion

Quick Summary

The Michigan Lottery will be launching daily Black Friday bonus offers that will run from Friday (11/23) through Monday (11/26).

We’ll update this page as we learn more.

2018-11-22Day #04-5 PM$1 Credit on Login
2018-11-22Day #0N/APlay 5 Games for $5
2018-11-23Day #12-3 PM$1 Credit on Login
2018-11-24Day #210-11 AM$1 Credit on Login
2018-11-25Day #38-9 PM$1 Credit on Login
2018-11-26Day #412-1 PM$1 Credit on Login


Day #0

Day #1

And please let us know in the comments if you see something we’ve missed!

Day #2

Day #3

Day #4

New Games in the Pipeline

In an interview posted on la fleur’s Shannon DeHaven of the Michigan Lottery made a few comments that might be interesting to Michigan Lottery players.

Two new games are in the pipeline: Prince of Hearts (a new entry to the Royal Family of Games [Queen of Diamonds, King of Clubs]) and VIP Platinum (a new entry to the VIP Family of Games [VIP Black, VIP Gold]).

Queen of Diamonds was also named the top performing eInstant game in the world for the 2017 fiscal year.