Why Do You Play the Lottery?

Why Do You Enjoying Playing the Michigan Lottery?

Is it the fun from dreaming of the big win?

And being able to:

  • tell the boss to take this job and shove it? 🙂
  • live your chosen life?

Is it the fun of the game play?

  • Do you enjoy the entertainment (excitement, action, or suspense) of the Michigan Lottery Online Instant Games?

Like that profits support Michigan schools?


We would love to hear your thoughts.

How Do You Play the Michigan Lottery Online?

Play Styles

In Max Rubin’s classic Comp City he describes a few different slot play methods:

Hit and Run

Play all your coins through one machine one time only and then move on.

Shoot For the Moon

Take a small portion of your bankroll (5-10%) and go for the big jackpot.

Double or Nothing

Put in 5-10% of your bankroll and gamble until it is gone or until you’ve doubled up your initial stake.

The Marathon Run

Essentially, walking through the casino and trying to play every machine one time only.

Play Styles for the Michigan Lottery Online

Do you do something similar when playing the Michigan Lottery Online?

Are you loyal to one online instant game or do you like to work your way through the whole collection?

Do you play the high variance or big top prize games looking for a big jackpot?  Set a win goal?  We would love to know.

Does Winning the Lottery Make You Happier? (Yes) Part II

Will Winning the Lottery Make You Happier?

Yes, per research that we relayed in Part I

Professor Justin Wolfers in an article in the New York Times provides more background on the importance of that Lottery research.

Happiness here being defined as greater life satisfaction.  From Professor’s Wolfers article:

Social scientists widely view questions about life satisfaction as eliciting a broad-based evaluation of one’s life while questions about happiness yield responses more related to current moods or feelings.

An interesting passage:

the same authors find that lottery winners are prescribed fewer mental health drugs.

And another:

Contrary to popular stereotypes, those who win hundreds of thousands of dollars don’t blow most of their winnings at once. Instead, they slowly spend their newfound wealth over many years.

The whole article is fascinating, highly recommended.

June Dollars Won – Queen of Diamonds

The Michigan Lottery sent out the following query in an email

Queen of Diamonds Query

Alright, we’ll bite.

Pulling numbers from this answer

Dollar Bills and Football Fields

Looks like Queen of Diamonds players won over $6.7 million dollars in June 2018.  A nice haul!

Of course, player net winnings probably don’t cover nearly as many football fields 🙂

Another interesting thing we can do with this number is get an estimate of how much money was spent on Queen of Diamonds in June.  We’ll divide the players winnings $6.7M by the payback percentage of Queen of Diamonds (available on our games page) 87% which equals approximately $7.7M.

Kind of interesting, we might do something similar to put together a list of most popular Michigan Lottery Online Games by the numbers.

Best of Luck!

Does Winning the Lottery Make You Happier?

Will Winning the Lottery Make You Happier?

Yes – according to researchers (via the excellent Tyler Cowen at Marginal Revolution).

We surveyed a large sample of Swedish lottery players about their psychological well-being and analyzed the data following pre-registered procedures. Relative to matched controls, large-prize winners experience sustained increases in overall life satisfaction that persist for over a decade and show no evidence of dissipating with time.

Winning the Lottery of course would get anyone excited, but it looks like winning the Lottery makes you happier for many years to come.  Sounds good to me.

Good Luck!

Michigan Lottery Online Instants – Do you get in the Zone?

Best selling gaming author Frank Scoblete recently published an article titled The Mesmerism of Slots.  It’s a pretty amazing article.

Here’s a quote from the article:

Many such players are actually not all that aware of the game in and of itself. Instead, they are playing a game at the front of their consciousness but deep down, somewhere in that area between awake and away, many slot players are doing something else, perhaps something serious, inside their minds.

I am speculating that slot machines are not just slot machines but they are something else, something that channels the unconscious or general awareness as opposed to acute awareness.

I submit to you that many players are solving problems, calming jangled nerves, planning their futures, or going into a kind of reverie.

The full article is highly recommended, here’s another quote:

The slot machines are noisy in the midst of the bustling casinos, yet, they are the Western, modern version of a rock garden and the players are the adventurers. The noise in the casino is merely the background wind.

I think you get the point, but here’s one more:

I sometimes wonder if slot players are in some kind of alpha brainwave state of relaxed awareness, the kind of consciousness that mediation brings.

Do you enter a relaxed state of consciousness when playing Michigan Lottery Online Instant Games?

I probably have yet to enter this zone while playing, but I think there is a lot to Frank Scoblete’s idea.

Good Luck!

Exotic Metric – Multiplier Factor (MFx)

Quick Summary

We recently added a new metric that we are calling Multiplier Factor (MFx) to our Games Page within the Exotics Section.

It’s the multiple of the top prize divided by the price to play.


If it costs a $1 to play and the top prize is $10,000, the MFx is $10,000/$1 = 10,000.

If it costs $0.50 to play and the top prize is $20,000, the MFx is $20,000/$0.50 = 40,000


We calculate the MFx using the biggest prize that you can win playing the game at it’s lowest cost.   A game’s lowest cost is the lowest round price = the fewest possible tickets per round x lowest price per ticket.

Looking at the Data

What does the data look like?

Biggest MFx

Michigan Lottery Online Instant Games with the Largest MFxs

Smallest MFx

Michigan Lottery Online Instant Games with the Smallest MFxs

Some Words

So MFx is just a number.

But if your game is to go for the big prize, to have a shot at the biggest prize for the smallest price then you might want to look at bigger MFx games.

Of course, the top prizes are real long shots.  For instance, the Bullseye Keno game starts to approach the odds of the big draw games.


Best of Luck!

Quick Note – On Harvesting Luck – The Science of Luck

A Fun Note

I came across this Forbes article where the author Dr. Barnaby Marsh talks about his research into the science of luck.

While I’m completely unqualified to judge the work, I thought it was an interesting piece given that we are quite dependent on luck.

A few notable quotes:

The distinction is important, because many chance events happen each day and it is only the ones that we harvest or are affected by that we count as lucky. Once you realize this, you are in a position to be a lot more lucky by taking advantage of more chance.


Returning to the slot machine metaphor, the successful luck-maker lines as many cherries up as possible (that is, the aspects that can be controlled), and then is most prepared for chance events.


Bad luck happens. The issue is how to bounce back. No matter who or where you are, there is always some way to generate a better future; the key is finding it.

Good Luck!