Quick Deal – Deposit and Get Bonus

For January 21, 2018, lucky site readers are reporting receiving the following offer from the Michigan Lottery:

$5 of Free Play with a $40+ deposit

Fast Take

That works out to a 12.5% deposit bonus on the first $40 of play today.

As targeted offers you might see a better deal, so always a good idea to login and check your account.

A fun promotion to potentially try out some new games.

Good Luck!

Quick Deal – Deposit Bonus (Time Window)

Quick Deal

For January 14, 2019, lucky site readers are reporting receiving the following offer from the Michigan Lottery:

20% Deposit Match (up to $100) between 2-4 PM

Fast Take

Apologies we weren’t able to get this one posted in time, but hopefully you still came across this deal.

A nice offer from the Michigan Lottery, higher than the more standard 10% deposit match. A great time to take a gamble, or perhaps lock-in some savings on future play.

Best of Luck!

Quick Deal – Free Games of Blackjack Doubler

For January 10, 2019 (between 2-4 PM), lucky site readers are reporting receiving the following offer from the Michigan Lottery:

Free games of Blackjack Doubler

Fast Take

Free Games are the Best!  Great for kicking off a play session.

This is our full review of Blackjack Doubler

Promo Details: 5 Games x 6 Tickets/Games x  $0.10/Ticket = $3.00 of Play

Quick Deal – Play and Get Bonus

For January 4, 2019, lucky site readers are reporting receiving the following offer from the Michigan Lottery:

Play $25, Receive $5 in Bonus Play

Fast Take

Play bonuses are great!  Good for kicking off a play session or getting back into the game in the new year.

These bonuses are targeted, so it’s possible that you might see a better deal [at least one play received $5 of free play for $20 of play]. Also believe there there was a minor technical glitch as some players received deposit bonus promotion emails before getting corrected play bonus emails.

Good Luck!

Game Review – The Michigan Lottery’s VIP Platinum

Quick Review

The Michigan Lottery’s VIP Platinum Game is the latest edition to the Michigan Lottery’s VIP Family of Games (VIP Black, VIP Gold).

The Michigan Lottery’s VIP Platinum Game

VIP Platinum is a very nicely constructed game in terms of graphics, interface, and game play.  One of the most beautiful games that the Lottery has released to date.

Similar to the other VIP family games, VIP Platinum sports a $60,000 top prize, a fun bonus round, and a ton of play options (from $0.25 all the way to $50 per round).

Full Review

How to Play

  • Select a Ticket Price and the Number of Tickets (that you would like to play)

Using the Menu Button

you’ll have access to the Game Adjustment Button

where you will be able to adjust both the number or tickets and price per ticket

You’ll want to “X” out of the Menu to return to the main play screen as clicking “close” will close your game.

  • Click the Play Button to make a purchase and launch the game

  • Click on the Winning Numbers

  • and then Your Numbers one at a time (the platinum bars)

  • Or to speed things up use the Reveal All Button

How to Win

Match One of Your Numbers to One of the Winning Symbols

and win the prize shown on the ticket.

Collect Three or More Platinum Coins 

Collect 3 or more platinum coins

to fill your platinum extra reveals prize meter

3 or more coins will launch the Extra Reveals Bonus Game.

Extra Reveals Bonus Game

The Michigan Lottery’s VIP Platinum Extra Reveals Bonus Game

The Extra Reveals Bonus Game plays very similar to the main game – matching numbers increases your total win amount:

Revealing gold coins in the bonus game

Moves your Gold Coin Prize Meter up a notch

Gold in a Platinum game?  Why not the more precious metals the better!

Game Details

Game Type

Online – Instant Game

Top Prize

Top Prize: $60,000

Ticket Price


5 Options: 5, 10, 15, 20, or 25


6 Options: $0.05, $0.10, $0.25, $0.50, $1, $2


The table below lists all the potential prices that you can play per round:

Michigan Lottery VIP Platinum Ticket Price Combinations


Stated Odds: 1 in 42.54 (a 2.35% Win Rate)

If Odds stay constant a max ticket game would imply a 58.77% win rate

Calculated Payback: 87%


Top Prize$60,000
Min Prize$1,500
Max Round$50
Min Round$0.25
Win Rate12%
Win Rate Max59%
Std Dev24.474
Ways to Win2
Bonus Games1
Max Tkts25

Release Date

November 20, 2018

Game Styles

Bonus Round, Collector, Number Match

Game Themes


Game Page

Michigan Lottery’s VIP Platinum Game Page

Full Rules

Michigan Lottery’s VIP Platinum Rules Page

Player Strategy

As a game of luck, I don’t know of a system to increase your winning percentage.

But you do have control over the ticket price and the number of tickets played, so you can play with these levels to go bigger or slow things down.

VIP Platinum Big Win!

Final Words

Best of Luck!

The Michigan Lottery’s New Year, New Giveaway Promotion

The Michigan Lottery announced that for the new year they are launching a new Giveaway Promotion. Sounds Exciting!

The Michigan Lottery's New Year, New Giveaway Promotion

Looks like the Lottery will run a Let’s Play Giveaway each month with a grand prize of $5,000 and 50 runner up prizes of $100 instore free play coupons.

January 2019

For January 2019, a maximum of 1 entry per game can be earned for the following five games:

And here are the full official rules.

The Michigan Lottery’s New Year Bonus Bash Promotion

Quick Summary

To celebrate the end of 2018 and the beginning of 2019 the Michigan Lottery will offer free online instant games during two hours blocks on 12/29, 12/30, and 12/31.

As we learn about the latest deals, we’ll post them in the table below [and if you learn about the daily deal first let us know in the comments section]

12/291-3 PMVIP Black5 Games x 10 Tickets x $0.05 Ticket
12/304-6 PMVIP Gold2 Games x 30 Tickets x $0.05 Ticket
12/317-9 PMVIP Platinum5 Games x 20 Tickets x $0.05/Ticket